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Kennedy Fabricating is a manufacturer of a number of components for the oil and gas industry.  We focus on fabrication of steel structures, and are capable of providing coating based on your specifications.  We have over 90,000 square feet of facility space including a large-scale paint and blast facility.  We are capable of meeting your steel fabrication needs and providing a quality product on time for a competitive price.

Masts and Substructures
As an API 4F certified facility, we have extensive experience fabricating all types of masts and substructures per API standards.  We are able to test fit/rig-up on site and our blast and paint booths are designed to accommodate larger masts and subs.

Other Land Drilling Rig Components

We fabricate a variety of land drilling rig and backyard components.  Our experienced fabricators and welders provide quality products suited for the rigors of the current drilling environment.

Other Offshore Rig Components

We fabricate a number of components on offshore platform rigs, jack-up rigs or drilling barges.

Generator Skids and Houses

We provide custom generator skidding services, including open walled skidding to generator housing solutions.

Mud System Components

We fabricate all components of a mud system, including complete mud systems.  Our mud system components include suction tanks, reserve tanks, shaker tanks, mud hopper houses and sack / mud storage houses.

Mud Pump Skids

We provide skids or houses for mud pumps and will mount or install, with piping, all accessory equipment.

Koomey Skids, Houses and Trailers

We provide skidding system, housing units or trailers for your accumulators/koomeys/BOP control units.  We are able to pipe in your koomey and we are also able to add a BOP stump to the trailer units.

Equipment Installation and Piping

We mount and install all types of equipment from centrifugal pumps to gas busters.  We are able to fabricate and install pipe spools based on equipment locations

Walking Systems

We fabricate walking systems, including skidding frames, walking feet, side strut assemblies, lift and roll pads, and other walking system components.

SCR or VFD Houses

We fabricate SCR or VFD houses, including all necessary plug board panels and boxes.

Junk Boxes

We fabricate junk baskets, bins, and boxes for your equipment and part storage needs.

Cable Systems:

We provide custom cable systems to manage and organize cabling for rigs.  Cable management systems are typically designed for efficient rig up and rig down procedures.  Such systems include cable extension modules, festoon houses, grasshopper boom skids and umbilical skids.

BOP Handler/Transporter

We fabricate a variety of BOP handler and transport systems, including hydraulic powered units.  The systems allow drillers to transport the BOP stack and to safely and quickly bring the stack upright and manipulate the BOP stack at well center to facilitate wellhead operations.

Change Houses and Dog Houses

We fabricate custom change houses or dog houses designed to meet your needs.

Tool Houses

We fabricated a variety of tool houses based on your tool or part storage needs.  These houses may include houses with rigid parts lockers or heavy duty shelving accessible with overhead trolleys.

Pipe Suitcases

We fabricate pipe suitcases based on your rig layout and suitcase needs.

Pipe Baskets/Racks

We fabricate pipe storage components including pipe baskets or pipe racks.


We provide custom windwall or winterizing solutions for rigs that are leased in different regions of the country than anticipated during original construction.  We are able to fabricate windwalls for the substructure or any backyard component.


Kennedy Fabricating is a large-scale custom fabricator that fabricates steel components for all varieties of drilling rigs from smaller truck bound rigs to large offshore platform rigs.

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