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Our mission at Kennedy Fabricating is to create additional value for our customers by delivering high quality steel fabrication products at the lowest possible cost, and to do so ahead of schedule. We achieve this by creating efficient processes backed by a culture of strong work ethic built on individual pride and responsibility.

Kennedy Fabricating, Inc. originated as Ken-Tek Welding, a venture co-founded by Odie Kennedy in 1984. Ken-Tek Welding was a small welding shop serving residential and small business customers in the greater Houston area. The name and the focus were changed in 1991, when Odie founded Kennedy Fabricating, Inc. from the operations of Ken-Tek Welding. The company began serving larger customers in multiple industries, helping them to meet their steel fabrication needs. Odie established Kennedy Fabricating as a leading brand in the telecommunications industry and led Kennedy Fabricating through a period of steady growth throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Odie Kennedy

Odie Kennedy

In 2008 Odie turned over Kennedy Fabricating to the next generation of management as his son Kevin Kennedy took over the position of President while Odie continued on in an advisory role and as Chairman of the Board of Directors. He remained a critical component of Kennedy Fabricating’s continued growth and efficient production practices.

In December 2013, Odie went home. The companies Odie founded, Kennedy Fabricating and Kennedy Rig Services, now bring approximately 400 jobs to Splendora, Texas. Odie left his mark on our company, as his work ethic, drive and pride of workmanship are at the very heart of Kennedy Fab’s efficiency based production culture. Further, Kennedy Fabricating’s core company values are, and will always be, a reflection of the strong Christian values of Odie and his friends and family.

Kennedy Fabricating now serves customers throughout much of the United States, and has become known as a reliable source for quality structural steel products delivered on time and competitively priced.

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